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Travel Information Form This form is to be completed by or on behalf of every participant in a CISV International Programme. For Interchange the Programme begins on the day of arrival in the host NA. DEPARTURE -- Our participant s will leave following the Programme from Date of departure Local time of departure departure going Name and address of the person whom the host Chapter should contact if any questions arise regarding travel arrangements For example the sending NA Secretary or sending...
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This is just a very short update orreminder more what you need to bring toa youth meeting in Gothenburg thatstarts in ten days you need to bringclothes for a week because we don't haveany laundry opportunities at thecampsite you also need to bring swimmingclothes and towel because we're going tohave a lake just next to the campsitethat we probably going to use a lot youalso need to bring some Swedish money ifyou want to buy something from the campshop that we are going to have it'sgoing to be a very small one with myonly candy and sodas I think we haven'treally decided yet was going to be atthe camp shop we are also going to havea CT day and there will also probably besome time for you to go shopping forsouvenirs or you know whatever you wantto spend money on on City day and youalso need to bring that's it forms formsis very important there is threedifferent forms that you need to bringone is one is the insurance form aliefone is the health form and one is thetravel without a leader 12 it's veryvery very important that you get allthese three forms to the camp andotherwise we have to like during thefirst day at camp somehow managed to goto a doctor to fill out your health formand fill out the insurance for you andyou know it's going to be a lot of workyou just bring the forms and it will bea lot easier and there is still twopersons that haven't sent in theirtravel information this this is bad youreally have to send it in as soon aspossible if you don't send it in wedon't first of all we don't know ifyou're coming to camp at all and there'sfor a second of all we are not sure thatwe can find a holefamily for you or even a family thatcould pick you up at the airport if yousend it in to lay to us we will not haveany time or we will not manage to findanyone that could pick you up and thatcould result that you have to buy yourown go come to the campsite like withlocal bus and commuter train that willtake of course a lot of time and youwill be late and we will probably startthe camp without you and you know itjust said just send it in the travelinformation for them it's very importantbut that's it this is just a shortreminder see you in 10 days
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